Sleeping Sands (PrePro)

by The Changing Light

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First Single off of the upcoming album, Omphalos


Oh elder send me a sign.
Beings beyond this dire shift
Follow my aura to shorten my time,
Now I'm scaling your temple to see the design.

So hypnotic the circadian rhyme,
Swept beneath the pulse of sense;
Therein acts a projection, dividing the mind,
Crossing the rift between your will and mine.

Behold, I am the somnolent snake,
And from my hissing tomb
I bid the true soul awakens.

We are left in the moment.
Kronos split the Earth and sky,
And now the heavens wane
Until a sacrifice is mine.

I'm evoked by your summon.
The lexicon of the beast is behind my eye.
So look away from pain,
And watch the sands entomb your life.

(now i've fallen)

Though our forecast tones are sublime,
Dreaming reveals the type of men
Searching for wisdom through a serpentine guise;
Enraptured by angels who predict your demise

(She cried) Don't desert me to fend off the night,
Priests were called from time away,
Channeling essence in line with arcane events.
To remain in this passage just relinquish your sense.

Take these hands,
Wear my skin,
Cite the ancestor's bones
From the pyramid within.

I'm waking up to decode
Ciphers haunting from a vortex' hold.
Phantoms breathe where we can't go
Again I'll walk along the loner's road.

You're one of my own...

Held down while the venom fills the well,
Skin shed by exodus of hell.
Fear bites on the tongue of my regime;
Immunity from a harbinger queen

So slowly I've morphed like a subconscious rhyme;
The runes of beyond are revealed in the light:

How long must sleep the sands of time?


released June 24, 2013
All material is original and belongs to The Changing Light.

The Changing Light is:
Connor Smith: Celestial Voice-Box
Alex Faulkner: 6 Stringed Space Expansion Capacitor
Dalton Bauder: 4 Stringed Low-Frequency Groove Machine
Travis Shirk: Tectonic Rhythm Coagulator



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The Changing Light Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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