The Past Is Prologue

by The Changing Light

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Copyright 2011 The Changing Light, LLC
All songs written and published by The Changing Light


released April 20, 2012

The Changing Light is:

Connor Smith - Vocals
Alexander Faulkner - Guitar
Dalton Bauder - Bass Guitar
Ian Taraschi - Saxophone
Travis Shirk - Percussion

Recorded by The Changing Light
Mastered by Alex Faulkner
Booking – Alex Faulkner ( )
Lyrics – Connor Smith / Dalton Bauder



all rights reserved


The Changing Light Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Invertigo
Breathe all your worries to the sky

Diamonds and empty minds

The changing light is a void we'll enter as the ashen turns tonight

This force within does its best to hide
Beast and kin falling by your side

We'll make it right before losing center

You're safe if all undone lest the sea touch shore
I'll be the tide tonight, you're the moon that I adore
Serve first the finest wine, harbor my being in yours
Remember past your life and break the last elegant door

Baby show your light to me
Don't fool the crown as second longer
Run before the carnal wave
Rips out your throat
Her life is on the line

What seems to end as time
Lengthens to the life I want to be
So pure the untied mind
Teach me of infinite beauty
I've seen the love you share
Ending every moment unclear
Your holy smoke in air
Forget the search and open up your head
Track Name: Pelagos
The world has changed and now we are enemies
We cannot reap the successes of our own dynamic entities
Our fates remain drenched in the womb of sovereignty
Great cleansing tide percolate through time and speak of your mind to me

And yet so slowly the child's breath
Her sideways mornings bloom after death

In a dazed state I walk the shore
But I don't know if my body
Will make the distance I have to go
But I carry myself forward

And I will decide what is left for me
If I must be the martyr for a dream I can't believe in

Interstellar ship not far off shore you orbit mortal lives but never cure the raging thirst of ageless urchin tongues
Hide the key before your song is sung

The shaman's mystery held the rooting hands for release Whispering thunderbird nesting within her desert capillaries
Show us the rain and eternal thirsts shall cease

I've tried to tame the thunder with little luck in the face of your deepest seed
But it's my wonder leading me
Oh how far under were our lives at sea
How cold the anchor you placed on me
Track Name: Ghosts
I could never love the way I did to you in such a moment of glory so cold in its flame how quickly burning was the parchment that I'd written off my soul to you.

I've done it to myself I know, by putting faith in fools,
and with a trust that such luck I could have with something just as cold as I

oh what a fire had been burning right by my feet.

I could feel the coals within my soul stir to spark and slowly die becoming cold as stone until all, all had chipped away.

A dance so lost in lust you gained my trust, let it decay and left the bones for all the vultures we both know.

I found that words are only words
are never good enough for you
And though I try, I die inside, trying to be the man I want to be
And so it seems it is as miserable for me as if I woke up in a dream to find the dream was never really even mine.

Take me as you will, I'm but a memory void of life, and all I am is a ghost.

It was cold to be alone for so long...

Darling what is love but just grave?
I'll bury the past inside, my lover
Won't glance until the end
I'll make a place for it to lie forever,
And gently make the bed
For sinners and for hungry souls to feast upon each other.
Won't you call me by my name?
Track Name: As We Open Our Eyes
We fell in line never seeing the Sun on the horizon
I should know by now the visions move in waves
It's obvious waking does no one good
Lest your ample dream be light depraved

The monocle aligns so I can see right through
Now claim this fractal life
It envelops all we do

From the morning after you had opened clear the humming heart
Take these dreams for shelter but realize eyes work cleaner from the start
The waking light will shine upon the sleeping unbelievers
And soon the eyes within your mind will show the way

Awaken from your slumber let the waves lap on your skin
I know this salt may burn your eyes but only then you can begin

There have been better days than this but I'll hold to the moment 'cause that's all there is
Stuck between two eternities
The past and the future are one within me

Can you feel the weight of all the things you've ever done come crashing down
Now look ahead the time is now

Infinity begins
Track Name: Into The Maze
I've been letting this go for so long and it's killing me
I'm just not where I want to be
I've been holding my own this whole time and I just can't believe the things that I have seen

Witnessing viciousness, tethering consciousness
Taking my thoughts to somewhere I wish I could be a part of

And they say home is where your heart should be but it's time I've found someone to take this burden away from me
I'm lost in mazes of my own construction
Got devils on my shoulders seething me with temptation
I cry out for you but you're never there
I try to be true but I don't know who will

Reach out to me I'm not the only one
This savage world has brought me to this place and I beg to be gone
It's not the hell that we've made it
I try to convince myself
Where is everyone else

You are me bring me closer to you
Why are we so fucking scared of ourselves

Moving breath still blessing my head
How long 'till the last in drawn in his bed
In this cold the winds they dice your hands
The temple's step will lead us to the bitter end
This flame will catch and I'll burn again

The labyrinthine laugh of longing echoed
with twisted infancy
and the scent of spoiled candles.
This musk from inner dwelling's a beast
between elder decay, ripened agelessness and the cosmic birth
of simultaneous copulation and hedonic destruction.

Tapping lines in the operation of opalescent bedlam,
tentacled minds grasp only air and sweet nothings,
sapid in brilliant tribulations of the beggar's mantra.
From behind the hill crept the Sun's green fingers,
enlightening the myriad gallery of beings.

Here, the hum of Her swollen core roused my slumbering shields
for the vulnerable sideways singings of day.
Only the ancestral remnants of identity's map
could profoundly alter treasured collectives.
Track Name: Sandover
We walk inside the hallway stretching wide
I think perhaps the world is in your eyes
You've lived before in times when we were pure
I remember the grace of that hallowed flight

Dancing slowly my arms upon her waist I melt so wholly for her

In God we trust when all of our lives are solvents
What spirit creates our life
Though I will love you how will you ever know when night consumes my life

Save yourself for me now
We are all alone
Hold the Summer's leaves as they brown
We are all one
Touch the altar you've found
We are all alone
Hear the spiders scream as they drown
We are all one

Say to me
Say to me you'll find our lasting glow
Tell the world every face and name you once did know

Clap your hands in silence
Break the strife that binds us
And taste this midday sustenance
The truth is in our sky

Hold your head with purpose
Smash the cage that clips your wings
Rewrite once more a haunting past
You're free at last